HAYTAP Once Again Saved Many Cats and Dogs from the Cruel Pet Shop Trade!

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HAYTAP bought kittens and puppies that were put on sale by Edirne Customs.

Ali Can ZERAY / EDİRNE, (DHA) - Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) bought 6 kittens and 6 puppies, which were seized after being illegally trafficked into Turkey from Kapıkule and Hamzabeyli Border Gate in EDİRNE. These kittens and puppies were put up for sale by the Turkish customs agency.

The Edirne Directorate of Customs Enforcement, Trafficking and Intelligence Directorates caught 15 kittens and 6 puppies that were being illegally trafficked into Turkey from Bulgaria at  the Kapıkule Border and Hamzabeyli Border gates in Edirne. 9 kittens died due to the fact that their immune system was devastated after being sedated during the transportation. This was done so that they would not make any noise during the trafficking. Prior to the sale of these animals through a call for tender, they were delivered to trustee Ms. Aysen Ozkan who is the Vice Chairman of Edirne Nature and Animal Protection Association.

In accordance with the Liquidation Circular, TASIŞorganised a third auction for the sale of puppies and kittens that were worth 4.500 lira. This auction, which was held at the Kapıkule Border Gate,was attended by 6 people. At the auctionthe rescued kittens and puppies, whose the auction price was raised to 7.900 lira, were bought by HAYTAP Istanbul representative Zuhal Arslan.


Zuhal Arslan, speaking after the bidding, told the press that they are against selling animals as an object and said;

"Our goal is not to buy these cats and dogs, but to prevent the sale of these animals to pet shops.Those places are a part of a bloody market. Those who buy these animals for their children or lovers, often abandon them for death after a while. There is a very simple law that we put before the Turkish government. We do not want animals to be sold like goods. That is all we want. "

Arslan noted that the kittens and puppies would now be brought to Istanbul, and after some after care that they would be re-homed.