What Was The Fault of These Poor Mules?

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Couldnt we have them re-homed with villagers in Soma, mine workers in Karaman, or with the inhabitants of villages along the Black Sea? If these animals were also terrorists or if they were sick, couldnt we have checked whether they suffer from a headache, whether they have any injuries to their legs or that they are hungry? Couldnt we have sent a non-orderly veterinarian with a conscience to save these souls?


They are all hard workers.They are all draught animalsThey are all poor beings who do everything they are ordered to do, without any protest, just for a piece of breadNone of them have the concept of religion, nationality, race, border or countryThey carry whatever is put on their backs.They dont even ask for a vet or the simplest of pain killers whenever they have a belly ache, or ask for water when they are thirsty!



No new day is any different than the other. When they are young, they climb the toughest hills and inclines. They carry thousands of kilos of goods on roads where tractors or trucks cannot enter. But look at the leaders of this country who have punished and killed these poor animals, as if these hardworking mules had any other choice? As if what they were transporting on their backs belonged to them?

Due to the unlucky location they were born at, just like humans, or trees or the defenceless nature, these creatures were punished. They were mercilessly lined up and executed. Their faith was decided for them, even though these mules never knew human concepts like country, border, religious, language, nationality, race, trade, bill of lading, trafficking or smuggling. They went out on the road with determination, to do whatever work they were given. They paid the biggest price for being good to humans, they were shot and were made to face an agonising painful death.

I am sure all these poor souls went up to heaven. The devil mustve bowed down that day, while we humans continue to consider this slaughter a part of our survival. How shameful! How disgraceful! Because once these poor mules were killed, our survival was guaranteed? We positioned ourselves among advanced civilisations?

Do you think those poor souls will ever be able to forgive?

Our reaction to the merciless killing of mules in Uludere

Lawyer Ahmet Kemal Şenpolat

HAYTAP Animal Rights Federation Legal Advisor







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